Written by Ramona Schnall Should it happen that you come to pass a small town in Tunisia, and its name happens to be Zammour, your gaze might be bewitched by the stabbing beauty enfolding in front of your eyes. Sandy mountains softly stretch over the horizon as a sea ofContinue Reading

Written by Aiyana Vittoria Amplatz  The progressive erosion of borders given by the increasing globalization of economies has, in recent years, facilitated the fusion of cultures and traditions. This has increasingly led to multiple debates surrounding this phenomenon and the positioning of various cultures in relation to one another. ForContinue Reading

Written by Sol Zeev-Ben-Mordehai The discussion of population decline following the global population surpassing eight billion people may seem absurd and perhaps contradictory. However, certain global demographic trends are increasingly worrying. Advancements in healthcare prolonging human lifespan, paired with declining fertility rates have led to ageing populations in some partsContinue Reading

KAYLA  Hi, my name is Kayla, and I am a second year International Relations and Organizations student from Turkey. I have always been passionate about reading, and writing, especially about culture and politics. This year,  I’ve published my first article on Sphaera that explores the experiences of my Turkish JewishContinue Reading