By Albion Tusha Cancel culture has always coexisted with humans. People who have dared to challenge their eras are usually the ones who have contributed to humanity. Without these would advancement would have been slower. Think of figures such as Galilei, Muhammad Ali, and many more who were cancelled inContinue Reading

By Lea Schiller When China first reported the outbreak of a new variant of lung disease to the World Health Organization (WHO) on December 31st, the virus that has now become a household name—SARS-CoV-2, had already been on course for nearly a month. What followed were measures of unprecedented level:Continue Reading

By Tom van der Meij Where mastery of stage performance and poetic subtleness cross, you find Devendra Banhart. The Venezuelan-American songwriter, poet and visual artist has been a prominent name in the alternative music scene for nearly two decades now. Or maybe used to be is the more accurate mannerContinue Reading

By Alon Kuster With the rise of Eurosceptic parties, one may ignore the deficiencies in the European Union (EU) that prevent it from countering this rise. I believe that, in order to improve the EU, one must analyse these structural deficiencies. I recently read a book by former Greek FinanceContinue Reading