Welcome to Sphaera Magazine! We are a young and vibrant online magazine based in The Hague, created by and for students. The magazine was founded in 2018 by students of International Relations and Organisations (IRO) at Leiden University, but since then we have since expanded to other universities, and countries. Since we started, we have grown tremendously and now have a talented group of writers, editors and illustrators.

Our goal as a magazine is to encapsulate the spirit, drive and creativity of our international community and share it with you all. We provide a platform for students interested in writing about politics, economics, social sciences, and arts and culture. The breadth of our content reflects the open, diverse and inclusive spirit of our community. Diversity in thought and opinion, creative liberty and freedom of expression are very important to use at Sphaera*.

Are you interested in contributing? Visit our Contact Us page for more information!

* We do not select or edit our articles based on content, opinion or political orientation. That being said, the content expressed in our articles does not reflect the opinions of the magazine as a whole.

The 2023/2024 Board

Mats van den Boogert, Editor-in-Chief

Kayla Sagiz, Head of Submissions

Vittoria Amanti, Creative Director

Our Illustrators

Maria Beckers

Olga Churilina

Oscar Laviolette

Teresa Valle

Kim Ville

Our Editors

Ricarda Bluemcke

Karolina Hajna

Margaux Marzuoli

Zuzanna Mietlińska

Macklin Miezejeski

Veda Rodewald

Indra Schieferbein

Joanna Sowińska

Our Writers

Luma Andrade

Ricarda Bluemcke

Luiza Jacovaz

Nelli Naukkarinen

Margaux Marzuoli

Zuzanna Mietlińska

Veda Rodewald

Arin Sanjay Doshi

Roshnie Soekhoe

Joanna Sowińska

Mats van den Boogert

Founders & First Writers of Sphaera Magazine

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