Meet Our New Creative Director

Written by Teresa Valle

My name is Teresa, and I’m a (soon to be) third-year student of International Relations and Organizations at Leiden University. I am also a soon-to-be creative director as, from this day onwards, I will be taking over the role of Creative Director here at Sphaera. I am incredibly grateful for this amazing opportunity to deepen my contribution to the magazine!

I’ve always been labeled a “creative kid”, enjoying the artistic process of many different mediums from a young age. Out of all of these, digital art has become a life-long passion of mine, which I consistently seek to improve and expand. I became an illustrator for Sphaera in the middle of my first year, and I was grateful for the opportunity to combine my curiosity about the world with my passion for visual expression. Illustrating at Sphaera has pushed me out of my artistic comfort zone and allowed me to reshape my creative process. Importantly, it has also taught me how fulfilling the creative process can be when shared with a community.

I believe visual media acts as the first bridge between the reader and the message, capturing the essence of the narrative being told. Visual media breaks down boundaries sometimes words cannot and acts as a powerful simulator of emotions. I believe visual metaphors are an important dimension of all stories – they are inseparable from the publishing process.

My main goal as the new creative director is to align Sphaera’s visual language with the talented voices of writers and editors. I want to engage illustrators more directly in the publishing process and make it more colorful, thereby enriching an already creative environment. I’m super excited to work with all the members of Sphaera and the rest of the Board to continue producing quality work, and to be able to make a meaningful contribution to a project I’m incredibly passionate about.