By Albion Tusha Cancel culture has always coexisted with humans. People who have dared to challenge their eras are usually the ones who have contributed to humanity. Without these would advancement would have been slower. Think of figures such as Galilei, Muhammad Ali, and many more who were cancelled inContinue Reading

We are excited to announce that Sphaera Magazine has a new board! In this article, you can meet the new board members. We would like to collectively thank the previous board for all their hard work making Sphaera what it is today, and we hope to be able to fillContinue Reading

By Ayşe Mısırlıoğlu, Anneli Groen, Alon Küster, Chira Tudoran, Jacco van der Veen and Zuzanna Mietlińska First, a cloud of smoke. A loud bang follows, and as the scene clears, the HOPweek logo comes into focus.  This is probably how we could best visualize the birth of our platform forContinue Reading