New Board 2023/2024


Hi, my name is Kayla, and I am a second year International Relations and Organizations student from Turkey. I have always been passionate about reading, and writing, especially about culture and politics. This year,  I’ve published my first article on Sphaera that explores the experiences of my Turkish Jewish grandparents over the past 70 years. Currently, I’m working on another piece that delves into the topic of Passport Privilege. This year, I am thrilled to become more involved in the Sphaera community and to contribute as the Head of Submissions. My goal is to encourage more writers, illustrators, and editors to join our community and contribute their unique perspectives and ideas. Our community values diversity and inclusivity, and we believe that the more voices we have, the richer our conversations will be.


Hi! My name is Vittoria, I’m a second year Global and Comparative Philosophy BA, from Italy. I’ve been interested in drawing and visual arts since I remember, same goes for writing and reading anything which I thought had sharp edges and a strong message. As I got into philosophy during my last year of highschool, I started to learn how to merge these interests in the creation of a visual which felt true to my thoughts, to someone else’s or to a piece of literature.

This year, as the newest addition to the board with the role of Creative Director, I’m very excited to find out what the magazine can do for me in terms of experience, and what I can give back in terms of visuals and innovations. I believe Sphaera to be a great opportunity for everyone to express on a student platform their style, thoughts, struggles and taste without unnecessary filters or rules, which is something I deeply value and resonate with. I can’t wait to help make it happen!


Hi, my name is Mats and I am a third-year student of the BA International Studies. I have been part of the Sphaera community for 2 years as a writer and now I am taking on the role of Editor in Chief. I am very excited to take on this challenge and contribute directly to shaping this amazing platform for students. Sphaera is not a regular student organization. It’s a platform that allows people to express themselves and provide opportunities for people with different goals. Whether you are an aspiring writer or journalist and want some practical experience or you want to showcase your artistic creativity and build on your portfolio. At Sphaera everyone can find a meaningful way in which they can contribute to the stories we produce and build on their future career or hobbies. Exactly these aspects drew me to this organization and I hope to build this platform further with this new board.