Written by Federico Arcuri “From the 6th till the 10th of March we will be handing out free sandwiches to protest for affordable food, animal rights and food democracy”  With these words, the UvA Student group Anti-Kantine announced their action in the university canteen in Roeterseiland. Privatization of university servicesContinue Reading

By Helena Reinders Like many countries, the Netherlands has its own rules and regulations regarding studies and student debt. Between 2012 and 2021 several things have changed within this system, causing a recent stir with the latest change  in the student loan system. The aim of this article is toContinue Reading

By Juni Moltubak A simple explanation of Western pride and COVID-19 The Netherlands has been described as the weakest link in the chain of European resistance against the Corona-virus, and their modest approach resembles that of a number of other western-European states. This will have grave consequences, but not necessarilyContinue Reading