Written by Kayla Sagiz- Head of Submissions Bali, the Indonesian island paradise, has always attracted sun-seekers and spiritual seekers alike. However, in recent years, a new type of traveler has arrived: the digital nomad.  These remote workers have left their traditional office jobs in search of more freedom and flexibility,Continue Reading

Written by Federico Arcuri “From the 6th till the 10th of March we will be handing out free sandwiches to protest for affordable food, animal rights and food democracy”  With these words, the UvA Student group Anti-Kantine announced their action in the university canteen in Roeterseiland. Privatization of university servicesContinue Reading

By Helena Reinders “In about a year, on the 17th of March, the Netherlands will have its next general election. This is, of course, if the current government does not fall prematurely.” (Schulte, 2020).  The above mentioned quote comes from a Shpaera article written by Tom Schulte almost a yearContinue Reading

By Joanna Sowińska Human knowledge can be defined as the assimilation of information achieved through discoveries, analysis, interpretations, and the confirmation of theories. The acquisition of knowledge starts with human senses, such as imagination, faith, reason or instinct. These contribute information to develop academic disciplines such as mathematics, the arts,Continue Reading

By Ayşe Mısırlıoğlu, Anneli Groen, Alon Küster, Chira Tudoran, Jacco van der Veen and Zuzanna Mietlińska First, a cloud of smoke. A loud bang follows, and as the scene clears, the HOPweek logo comes into focus.  This is probably how we could best visualize the birth of our platform forContinue Reading

By Fernando López Myanmar, a country of over 50 million people, just suffered a coup d’état committed by the military against the country’s democratic institutions. The country had a democratically elected government since 2011, which had replaced the military government that had ruled Myanmar since 1962. In 2010, the militaryContinue Reading

By Nick Psomas The 11th thesis on Feuerbach states that “philosophers have hitherto only interpreted the world in various ways; the point is to change it”. A superfluous and hasty examination of Marx’s commentary tempts the reader to believe that its author is discarding abstract theorising. Fortunately, for philosophy atContinue Reading