By Carmen Rueda Lindemann Introduction: Background on Industrial Meat Production Eating meat has long been regarded as a cultural staple for numerous countries around the world. For instance, Argentinians take pride in their long-standing barbecuing traditions, while the United States or England regularly enjoy the products of the fast foodContinue Reading

By Hannah Vonberg Sustainability as a concept is becoming more and more prominent in our society. It is commonly  defined  as ‘meet[ing] the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future  generations to meet their own needs,’ and closely tied to climate change and  our way of consuming.Continue Reading

By Juni Moltubak, Arianna Pearlstein, and Helena Reinders Second hand, thrifted, ethical, vegan, organic, local, recycled, minimalistic, fair. What does it really mean to be a sustainable brand?  In fashion, sustainable brands usually emphasise two things: the environmental impact of production (fabrics, shipping, chemicals) and ethical production (fair wages, aContinue Reading