The Road Love Takes

By Kinan Ajoub

A path is only a path

Because feet make it

Come, let us make a path

Somewhere unknown even to the soil and wind

And make it a place that only love can remember

Even when we forget, it will remember

But, for now, we can forget

And we walk in the fields of words

And hear the birds kiss the sky

As the sun wakes up with our love

And washes us of yesterday’s days when we weren’t together

And the river walks with us

And everytime he passes us

He is at the same time behind us

It seems with your love, all life is harmony

And the only chaos comes in kissing

And silence is loud, and noise, silent when I am with you

My heart is a bridge to your heart

My heart is a seagull and your heart is the sea

My heart is your heart and your heart is mine

We’ve swapped roses

Everytime we look into each other

Or everytime I swallow your laugh

It calms my shaky core

This poem itself is a pathway

With different bends and levels

And the feeling that your feet float and sink at the same time

That is how I feel, after crossing the bridge

And treading your heart

Like I float and sink

Like I rise and fall

Like I love and don’t love

Like I laugh and cry 

Like I live

Live, with you