By Martyna Olejnik  The recent events worldwide, whether it be the protests in support of the BLM movement or against the attempts of certain governments to limit or retract LGBTQ rights, forced me to take a step back and reconsider my own role in speaking up and advocating for thoseContinue Reading

By Juni Moltubak Neither unforeseen, nor unexpected, but yet shocking and disruptive. The death of George Floyd caused global reverberations across political, social, and emotional spectra. In addition, this wave of Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests has to a large degree spread online, amplifying its transnational and transcultural scope. BLMContinue Reading

By Yasmina Al Ammari Breonna Taylor, 26. Sean Reed, 21. Duncan Lemp, 21. Tamir Rice, 12. Michael Brown, 18. Philando Castile, 36. Eric Garner, 44, George Floyd, 46.  All African American. All just a handful of the many lives unjustly taken by the people supposed to ‘serve and protect’ theirContinue Reading