By Lea Schiller North Korea’s shrinking island in Japan For these young kids, being accompanied by guards on their way to school is normal. Their uniforms are safely tucked away in their backpacks to be worn later, when they are in the safety of the school building, away from pryingContinue Reading

By Sasha Zinchenco At the end of 1960, commonly referred to as the year of Africa, Ethiopia stood as the symbolical centre for Pan-Africanism. This country, after being one of the only territories not colonised during the Scramble for Africa, led the push for African unity and the end ofContinue Reading

By Emil Mirchev The Balkans. A place full of contrasts. Relatively well-known by Europeans, forgotten by the rest of the world. Often mystified, the peninsula is associated throughout the centuries in different ways – most recent of all is the vision of corruption and poverty, some decades ago the processContinue Reading