By Zuzanna Mietlińska Between the freedom of expression and loaded language in a political debate, there is thin ice. One of the few influential politicians in the world that constantly balances on it – is Donald Trump. One can wonder – what are the examples of his linguistic „juggling acts”?Continue Reading

By Hannah Vonberg Environmental racism is an awkwardly imprecise term. However, it captures a multitude of factors that constitute modern forms of racism.  Racism systematically constructs inequalities by conferring advantages upon one racial/ethnic group at the expense of others; power and privilege are distributed unevenly across space and time basedContinue Reading

By Helena Reinders “In about a year, on the 17th of March, the Netherlands will have its next general election. This is, of course, if the current government does not fall prematurely.” (Schulte, 2020).  The above mentioned quote comes from a Shpaera article written by Tom Schulte almost a yearContinue Reading

By Nick Psomas The 11th thesis on Feuerbach states that “philosophers have hitherto only interpreted the world in various ways; the point is to change it”. A superfluous and hasty examination of Marx’s commentary tempts the reader to believe that its author is discarding abstract theorising. Fortunately, for philosophy atContinue Reading