By Zuzanna Mietlińska Between the freedom of expression and loaded language in a political debate, there is thin ice. One of the few influential politicians in the world that constantly balances on it – is Donald Trump. One can wonder – what are the examples of his linguistic „juggling acts”?Continue Reading

By Lauren Griesedieck No, this is not a piece about why I love Joe Biden (because that is definitely not true). This is about why I am voting for him anyway, and why you should support him too. There is much at stake in this election, and voting for localContinue Reading

By Eugenia Valais and Ricardo Pereira Teixeira On Sunday 6 October, U.S President Donald J. Trump went against the recommendations of top officials in the Pentagon and the State Department by endorsing, via a phone call with the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a Turkish-led military operation in northern Syria.Continue Reading