Written by Uilson Jones Does the average, hard-working and honest citizen bear the ultimate responsibility for the actions of their national government? Or could the citizen be seen as an inalienable part of the state who plays the role of a lackey? Should ordinary citizens feel the urge to compensateContinue Reading

Written by Lena Cohen Zennou In his book called Toxic Data, David Chavalarias, the Research Director of the French National Centre for Scientific Research, states that “the Facebook news feed has become one of the most influential sources of information in the history of mankind”. This quote sheds light onContinue Reading

By Fernando López Myanmar, a country of over 50 million people, just suffered a coup d’état committed by the military against the country’s democratic institutions. The country had a democratically elected government since 2011, which had replaced the military government that had ruled Myanmar since 1962. In 2010, the militaryContinue Reading

By Arianna Pearlstein Earlier this month, over 10,000 protesters, many of them students and first-time demonstrators, filled the streets of Bangkok to demand government reform. As they stood in front of the Democracy Monument, created to commemorate the 1932 bloodless revolution which ended absolute monarchy in Thailand, the protestors raisedContinue Reading

By Alon Kuster With the rise of Eurosceptic parties, one may ignore the deficiencies in the European Union (EU) that prevent it from countering this rise. I believe that, in order to improve the EU, one must analyse these structural deficiencies. I recently read a book by former Greek FinanceContinue Reading