By Ayse Mısırlıoğlu A couple of years back, I started noticing a curious pattern in several of the New York-based TV series or movies that I was watching. Whenever certain characters had a cup of coffee in their hands, it was always the same cup of coffee. I could seeContinue Reading

By Nick Psomas Democracy is dead, and we have killed it. Paraphrasing the 19th century philosopher Friedich Nietzsche, the current state of democratic institutions resembles the political ‘Death of God’. Radical polarisation, surge in national and populist sentiment, a twisted bewitchment of the public by demagoguery and hostility to the political “Other”, areContinue Reading

By Zhayra Escalona In a city far from nature, autumn days go by as if autumn were not present. If it weren’t for the decreasing temperatures and the dampness of the day, one would see no difference between the warmer seasons and the colder ones. Life is limited to theContinue Reading

By Alon Küster The Paradox of Simplicity Simple is easy to understand, you can easily share it with other people. If you want to effectively organize people, you need a simple idea. A good idea spreads fast and sticks in people’s minds. One example throughout history would be religion. ItContinue Reading

By Lea Schiller North Korea’s shrinking island in Japan For these young kids, being accompanied by guards on their way to school is normal. Their uniforms are safely tucked away in their backpacks to be worn later, when they are in the safety of the school building, away from pryingContinue Reading

By Zuzanna Mietlinska Female doctor, female lawyer, female boss. These juxtapositions seem obvious to us in Western culture, but can be completely inapparent when we think about women in the Middle East. Why is it so? Well, we humans love to generalize. After enormous migration flows as well as theContinue Reading