By Eva Bajema Fabulous outfits, the 80s, drama, a story of friendship and emancipation. That’s Ryan Murphy’s Pose in a nutshell. Netflix describes the series as follows: in 1987, a diagnosis spurs ball fixture Blanca to start her own house in the Bronx, where she soon takes in homeless dancerContinue Reading

By Lara Kaptein Things have been a little bit quiet lately in the politics of the Netherlands. An article of the NOS (the Dutch news organization) stated that the Second Chamber is on a holiday right now, so nothing much is happening. Parties and party leaders are still recovering fromContinue Reading

By Sasha Zinchenco At the end of 1960, commonly referred to as the year of Africa, Ethiopia stood as the symbolical centre for Pan-Africanism. This country, after being one of the only territories not colonised during the Scramble for Africa, led the push for African unity and the end ofContinue Reading

A journalist dying in a pool of blood, 200 princes in jail in one month, thousands of children dying of hunger in Yemen. This is the legacy of the first year of the recently appointed Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. After initial enthusiasm about his widely anticipated reforms, the tablesContinue Reading

By Zuzanna Mietlinska The story in “Burning” is as simple as complicated. Persistently trivialised yet never-to-be-forgotten. It is a genre mishmash of over two and a half hours, combining the elements of a thriller, a sappy melodrama with psychological motives. It is another creation of widely awarded director Chang-dong Lee,Continue Reading

By Emil Mirchev The Balkans. A place full of contrasts. Relatively well-known by Europeans, forgotten by the rest of the world. Often mystified, the peninsula is associated throughout the centuries in different ways – most recent of all is the vision of corruption and poverty, some decades ago the processContinue Reading

By Doga Mether Freedom of the Self The freedom to finally free to explore the open seas of being, is either the greatest gift or the greatest burden. Similarly, to the ocean, humanity has depths, levels and its unexplored abyss. Diving at each level at once is impossible and should not beContinue Reading

By Kinan Ajoub A path is only a path Because feet make it Come, let us make a path Somewhere unknown even to the soil and wind And make it a place that only love can remember Even when we forget, it will remember But, for now, we can forgetContinue Reading

By Lara Kaptein Back again with a new Dutch Politics for Dummies! This time, I will discuss the elections of the 20th of March on the Dutch state level: Provinciale Staten. In these elections, every Dutchie was able to vote for their preferred representative for their province. The voter turn-outContinue Reading